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Gary has written two books, one for married or about to be married couples and one for parents. Both are listed below and available at Amazon.com in eBook or paperback form. They are short, readable and chocked full of practical ideas, strategies and principles that are sure to help you strengthen or turn around your relationship or parenting effectiveness.

Turn Up or Turn Around Your Parenting: 7 Essentials (2014)  In roughly one hundred pages, Gary offers seven foundational principles that every effective parent applies no matter the ages or personalities of the children. And while each home and child is different and there are few easy answers, every parent is sure to find something here to help them improve things at their house with their children.

Turn Up Or Turn Around Your Marriage: 7 Essentials (2016)  This most recent book provides couples first with a look at what they bring from their home of origin and past experiences to their marriage. Gary then provides help with several of the key elements experts and practical experience have shown are vital in a healthy marriage. Great for premarital reading or counseling, too!

Safe At Home and Gary Sinclair Connect Blogs

Gary has hundreds of posts that can help both couples and parents grow in their marriage and develop practical skills to be more effective parents. His personal blog at his website is all about life, culture and whatever is on his mind that week! Sign up for email notification every time Gary posts something new, too!

Other Writing

Gary's writing can also be found in other magazines and websites including: Christianparenting.org, Chicken Soup For the Soul and Leadership Journal.